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  A Legal Overview of the Situation of National Mino...
  ... is to explain how national minorities’ rights are regulated in the context of secessionist Transnistria, which is de jure a territory of the Republic of Moldova. The paper examines the legal framework of the region by using the de facto doctrine. In particular, the research highlights that while the

  Understanding the Centrifugal Forces in Asymmetric...
  ... Asymmetric Power-Sharing Arrangements ,centrifugal forces,power-sharing arrangements,Gagauzia,Republic of Moldova,inter-ethnic tensions,minorities , centrifugal forces, power-sharing arrangements, Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova, inter-ethnic tensions, minorities Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Understanding the ... Area: Gagauzia, Moldova Keywords: centrifugal forces, power-sharing arrangements, Gagauzia,