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Tajikistan Household Panel Survey (THPS) 2011

Type: Dataset, Main Questionnaire (eng, rus, tgk), Women's Questionnaire (eng, rus, tgk), Technical report, Booklet TJ (eng, rus)

Title: Tajikistan Household Panel Survey 2011

Alternative Title: THPS 2011

Creators: Alexander M. Danzer; Barbara Dietz; Ksenia Gatskova; Muzaffar Olimov

DOI: 10.15457/thps_2011

Languages: English; Russian

Date of Publication: 29.06.2015

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Population: Population of Tajikistan

Sampling Method: Household selection was based on a representative probability sample with respect to the national level, the urban/rural structure and the 5 oblasts which form the main administrative regions (see technical report)

Time Dimension: Longitudinal panel; 2011

Survey Procedure: Interview: PAPI

Type of Units: Household

Number of Units: 1503

Type of Data: Survey data

Format of Data: *.sav (SPSS, all modules as archive), *.dta (Stata, all modules as archive)

Description: The Tajikistan Household Panel Survey (THPS) data were collected in the framework of the research project "Migration and Remittances in Central Asia: The Case of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan", which was funded by the Volkswagen Foundation in 2009-2013. The THPS 2011 was initiated by the Institute for East- and Southeast European Studies Regensburg, Germany, to explore migration and remittances in Tajikistan. The study was implemented in cooperation with the SHARQ Research Center in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The THPS 2011 was based on the Tajikistan Living Standards Measurement Survey (TLSS) administered by the World Bank and UNICEF in 2007 (wave 1) and 2009 (wave 2). These data generate a unique panel data base on migration and remittances in a developing country.

Type of Description: Summary

Geographical Area: Tajikistan

JEL Classification: J, D, R, I

Keywords: Migration, remittances, labor market, Tajikistan

Citation: Tajikistan Household Panel Survey (THPS) 2011. Institute for East and Southeast European Studies, Regensburg.