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Social Models in the Enlarged European Union

Type: Dataset

Title: Social Models in the Enlarged European Union

Creators: Michael Knogler, Fidelis Lankes

DOI: 10.15457/ces_2012

Languages: English

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Format of Data: *.xls

Description: A growing body of literature confirms the existence of different social models, identified according to different combinations of policies and institutions. Knogler and Lankes aim to contribute to this literature by exploring characteristics of social policies in the enlarged European Union. The analysis is based on a set of social policy indicators with a focus on labour markets. By means of Principal Component Analysis they identify four major dimensions of social models. The dimensions are used as a basis for clustering countries into social models, which significantly differ from the commonly proposed regional classification of social models prior to enlargement.

Geographical Area: European Union

Keywords: Social models, social policy, labor market

Structured recordings: Michael Knogler ; Fidelis Lankes: Social Models in the Enlarged European Union: Policy Dimensions and Country Classification. 2012. Comparative Economic Studies, 54, 149-172, ISSN: 0888-7233.

Citation: Knogler, Michael; Lankes, Fidelis (2015): Social Policy Indicators and Social Models. Version: 1. Institute for East and Southeast European Studies. Dataset.